No Such Salesman

The house was beige

Like a taupe paint swatch – committed

Curtains halfway drawn

sleepy eyelids over every window

Dust particles drifting where the light struggled to shine

He had us sit in front of him and his wife –

She was no bird I can tell you that

At the time I was not sure

Bearded man, black cloak, black hat-

I found it hard to breathe, yet his voice was gentle like a comforting father

After a nightmare – smoky calm, tired eyes in between

Hat and hair

Curvy woman, dressed in their leftover curtains,

She could have baked me a pie

Made warm milk

Nuzzle me in her bosom-

But no

Half bred

Disappointing Jewess

My womb not worthy of Jewish babies

The bird said she’d help me

Convert me

Clean me

Closing the door behind me


I left the dust to settle


Pick Your Poison

Child pushing little green cart

So cute

We’re a team…you get the avocados

I get the heavier grass fed meets and bulk items


Right into my Achilles Tendon


Gluten free items this way

High fructose corn syrup elimination next isle

Multigrains over here, cage free eggs…Honey!!!?

Vegan burgers this way and omega 3, antioxidants,

Aronia, blue, pomegranate, acai…….

For smoothies!

Acidophilus, spelt, bulgur…

where’s my 4 yr old?

No isle for lost children.


Do I want to make a little money he asks me?

Years ago this would have been

Taking out the garbage on a Tuesday

Picking fallen, rotten cranberries off the ground

So the dog would not eat them

For a buck – a day’s work .


His plot

My daddy

He wants to be sprinkled

Somewhere not yet chosen-

Vacations to Florida

are no longer sand and sunscreen

That’s for damn sure.