Hidden Treasures

I slipped the white,Mom dress

chiffon dress over my small frame

it smelled of bitter moth balls

and stale air

in desperate need of a

Spring rain

I tied the ribbon

beneath my breast

pulled back my hair


in a tuck

never taking my eyes away

from the perfectly fitted gown

from the curve of my neck

from the similar, duplicate image

of you


Reading each page

gown circling around my knees –

my sentences

my questions

my innocence

You recorded my thoughts

I kept reading realizing how much

you adored



I let me hair fall

over the pleated shoulders

clicked my heels

and wished for you

to appear

you are a gentle figure

in my imagination

a realistic plunge

into my past

and a mystery

I will never solve


For the rest of my life

I will walk a little crooked

and have no choice

but to accept

the unbalance.



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