Puddle Splashing – Live

Copies of PUDDLE SPLASHING are available NOW through Amazon and coming very soon to A Room of One’s Own – please support our local, independent bookstores and reserve a copy for yourself today!!

Keep an eye out and ears open for local launch events, signings and readings!

A special thank you today to David Loeb and David Loeb Photography – taking pictures of me is about as easy and pleasant as trying to collect a family of perturbed squirrels! 

Once again – waterfalls of thank you’s go to:

Jordy Loeb – Husband/Cowboy/Father

Laurie Nagus – Editor

Jasmine Zapata – Motivational M.D. Publishing

Callan Erin – Cover Design – callanscompositions.smugmug.com/

Pegasaur Moore& Andy Moore – Forward

Georgia Rucker – Dedication Page Design

Book endorsements:

Jen Nails – One Hundred Spaghetti Strings

Samantha Lazar – Reaching Marrakesh

Barrie DolnickSimple Spells for Love

Ann Imig – LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now.

Many of my beloved friends and family will find themselves tucked away in my stories…go find yourself 💞

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